Tuesday, 7 October 2008

This blog will be about our band, a 4 piece function band in Northamptonshire. We perform predominantly 1950's through to 1970's/80's music and generally have fun!!

Rob is on guitar, ave on bass, Ian on drums & soon to join us is Toni Marie our new female vocalist. Toni's dad is currently singing with us so we will be definitely keeping it in the family.

I have received an email from blogger inferring this may be a spam blog....I can state categorically that it is not and Ayleys Comet is a genuine band founded in the 1980's!!

I hope to be back with another entry soon providing blogger do not 'evict' me!!

Love to you....in music


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Kath said...

Hi Joan it has taken me so long to get into this blog,but as the song goes "MY OLD MAN SAID FOLLOW THE BAND" I must but I am doing a bit of dilly dallying on the way LOL!!!! Heeeeeeee!!!Good to read you again and now I have you on my favourites,I'll try keeping up even if it is slow progress with all the new things to learn etc..Doing the locomotion is an understaement Heeeeeee.Take Care God Bless Kath